Monday, May 24, 2010

Russ Andrews Power Cord

What Hi-Fi have just awarded their prestigious 5 star award to our Classic PowerKord in their recent round up of mains cables. The award is in the May 2004 issue which is out now.Pitted against five other more expensive cables, the Classic PowerKord holds its own.
What Hi-Fi say that it’s one of the best value mains leads they’ve heard, likening the improvements to using a duster on the sound – it makes it clearer. And they give a challenge – they defy anyone not to notice the improvement in performance when you use a PowerKord!
What makes the Classic PowerKord so good?The Classic PowerKord is made with hyper-pure copper – KIMBER’s purest – protected with a Teflon composite insulation. The eight strands are woven together in KIMBER’s classic weave, ensuring that the cable cancels Radio Frequency Interference already on the mains supply. The weave also means that the cable doesn’t act as an antenna for airborne Radio Frequencies either.
What do I connect it to?Any piece of Hi-Fi or Home Cinema kit that connects to the mains supply. Your DVD or CD player are the perfect place to start, but it’s also perfect to use with your amplifier, turntable, TV, computer…What will it do?Ensure you get the performance from your system that you’ve paid for! By removing interference from your mains supply, the power supplies in your system work better. You’ll hear a more detailed, musical and satisfying sound - and in a Home Cinema system, pictures will be clearer, sharper and brighter!
Take the What Hi-Fi Challenge now!What Hi-Fi have defied anyone not to notice the improvement in performance when you add a Classic PowerKord to your system!
Verdict: 5 stars!
Magazine: What Hi-Fi?
Sound and Vision.Issue: May 2004.

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